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Thrive is time built into the daily schedule between 3rd and 4th period to provide students with the opportunity to seek support in classes they are struggling in or to complete make-up work. Thrive is a fantastic opportunity for our students to have one to one time with their teachers to ask questions and get extra help.  This time also allows teachers the opportunity to hold individual student conferences and ensure our students are succeeding in the classroom. Thrive also provides time for campus clubs and organizations to meet in order to allow more students to actively participate in shaping school's culture. 

Thrive Schedule: 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday between 3rd and 4th period


  • Students will engage in the intended learning.

  • Thrive Scheduler will track & monitor students.

Clubs During Thrive: 

  • We want students to participate in EHS Clubs. However, ACADEMICS COME  FIRST.

  • Students struggling academically, will not be permitted to sign up for clubs during Thrive.

  • Clubs may not exceed two meetings per month.

Earbuds and Headphones are permitted only

  • Before school up to entry bell.

  • In the Cafeteria/Pavilion during Lunch.

  • After school.

Note: Not anywhere or anytime on campus other than above.

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