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Every student at Eustis High receives a Chromebook that they will use throughout the school year. This technology allows students to access online textbooks, engage in digital materials and assignments. Student Chromebooks are checked out to students through our library system at the start of the year and collected before the start of summer. All students must turn in their devices in the same condition recieved them. If a student withdraws or transfers to another school, they are to turn in their device before leaving Eustis High. 

Students are responisble for protecting their devices from damages. If damages occur the student will be responsible for paying the appropriate fee. 

Broken Screen: $35

Lost Charger: $20

Miscellaneous Damages including a broken case, broken keyboard, broken hinges, broken trackpad, etc. will each incur a $30 fine.

If the device is destroyed to the point of needing a complete replacement, it will cost $230.

Students can now use our online payment system to pay their fees/fines