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Student Government - The Eustis high school student government association is a group of student elected representatives from each class whom embody the voice of the student population. The student council is in charge of planning our annual homecoming spirit week, the homecoming dance and peprallys. The dedicated and caring students in the council also partner with other school clubs to work on volunteer projects that help out their fellow students in need and community.  Any EHS students are welcome to be involved in the council on a volunteer level. Those elected to council positions have specific duties to fulfill throughout the school year that help mold them into responsible, organized, future leaders.

For more information on EHS student council, please e-mail

Important announcements throughout the school year will be posted on the Eustis High School Facebook page.

If interested in joining please listen for announcements as we do not have a set schedule, but always meet on a Friday after school in Ms. Woodie's room.  An announcement will be made a few days prior to the meeting so any student can attend.

Inquire in person to Ms. Woodie - Bld. 5 Room 104


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Ms. Woodie